Idea 387

Idea 387, international graphic art and typography magazine from Japan, features a meaningful insight into the visual design scene in Ticino. Studio CCRZ presented a full overview on past and recent works, plus a really pleasant conversation with our friend Arata Maruyama.

Il Mondo nuovo

Chiassoletteraria 2019

The title of the 14th edition takes its origin from the novel by Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and it means to be an opportunity to reflect on changes that are transforming the contemporary world. The imagery linked to literature and popular science-fiction movies and the epopee of space conquest are the inspiration for this year’s visual identity project.

Spot backstage

Awareness campaign – Città di Lugano

A production of four TV commercials on urban cohabitation issues. A project curated by CCRZ, Studio 9010, Communication Agency of the City of Lugano.

Time identity

Teatro del Tempo – La Via Lattea

Like a melody of sounds, words, steps, paths, architectures, landscapes, the identity of the Teatro del Tempo is build upon a system of symbols.

Courtesy campaign

Città di Lugano

We love our territory. In order to preserve and promote respect for the city and citizens, Lugano launched a courtesy campaign, as a kind gesture of resistance against bad habits. We supported this project through design giant posters and a small booklet.

Bellinzona Grand Tour the book

Federazione Architetti Svizzeri/Bund Schweizer Architekten

Four stories, four itineraries, one city. Out now for Edizioni Casagrande the book that goes with the architectural Bellinzona Grand Tour. 8-9 of june, 111th general assembly FAS/BSA

Bellinzona Grand Tour invitation

Federazione Architetti Svizzeri/Bund Schweizer Architekten

If you’re a Swiss architect you don’t want to miss to the 111th general assembly of the FAS/BSA. You will receive a very special invitation: an accordion book of postcards that illustrates buildings of exceptional architectural relevance in Bellinzona that you can admire on the occasion of the Grand Tour of June.


Visual identity for the 13th edition of Chiasso Letteraria

Taboo is this year’s specific theme of the great literary festival of Chiasso. Therefore the visual identity it’s all about going beyond the rules. Massive title speaks in a loud voice using classic colours of prohibition black and red, accompanied by bizarre forms of censorship, erasure, and mysterious images, maybe a sort of subliminal messages. Between sacred and profane.

Field of opportunity

Graphic and exhibition design for Città di Lugano

The city offers plenty of possibilities of professional training and job opportunity. For the biennial Expo dedicated to young people we designed a special visual identity based on flashy colours, statuary letters, abstract symbols.

Automatic Machines

Publication for the exhibition at Teatro dell’Architettura

The new building by Mario Botta in the Architecture Academy campus opened with the exhibition “Sette Architetture Automatiche e altri esercizi” by the Atelier Blumer. The book recalls the overall approach to this exhibited design practice: think, experiment, play.


Gallotti&Radice Home catalogues 2017/18

Two new born graphic projects for Gallotti&Radice: a premium canvas-cover catalogue “Materia, Luce, Trama”; and the “Homescapes” compendium. Rich textures, bold colours, and warm feelings, both in objects and in paper.

Collecting collections

The Luceplan product collections 2017/18

We’ve been designing Luceplan communication for several years, and every year we want to invent something special. Very glad to present here the new product collections catalogue, cover available in five tempting colours. Art direction and graphic design by us.

A good year

Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio yearbook

Another challenging work for the Università della Svizzera italiana, for which we re-designed the whole identity. This is the 2017 yearbook for the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, out now. Simple, colorful, beautiful.

Talking images

Communicating the 10th Biennale dell’Immagine

The Biennale is back. The 10th Biennale dell’immagine covers from mid-October to mid-December more than 40 great events and exhibitions not only in Chiasso, but in the whole canton of Ticino. Studio CCRZ, Alfio Mazzei, and Leonardo Angelucci take care of the communication design.

Clean inside, clean outside

1h clean

10 years ago we designed visual identity and shop interiors for the Swiss dry cleaning brand 1h clean. For their recent shop opening, they asked us to also redesign the façade of the building, bringing brand values such as efficiency, trust and reliable cleanliness into the architectonical project.

Psychedelic Biennale dell’immagine 9 1/2

Sulle vie dell’Illuminazione

The exhibition “Sulle vie dell’Illuminazione” curated by Elio Schenini at the MASI Lugano reconstructs the myth of India in Western Culture from the early nineteenth century until today. CCRZ designed the sophisticated, almost encyclopedic catalogue, published by Skira, with the psychedelic touch of the beat generation.

24 September 2017 – 21 January 2018
MASI, LAC, Lugano

Crossing borderlines

Unmap me. Ramak Fazel, Joe Zaldivar at Studio CCRZ

Ramak Fazel has been accompanying us and our work as a friend and colleague for many years. We are very proud to show a selection of his photographs together with drawings of Joe Zaldivar in the exhibition “Unmap me”, installed in the premises of our studio at Balerna. The exhibition is part of the 10th Biennale dell’Immagine of Chiasso.

13 October – 12 November 2017
Opening 13 October, 18:00


Modernists also like it warm1x9x60


That’s our stove, used here in the studio and in our homes. Why did we design it? Because somebody had to do it, since there was nothing similiar on the market. Simple and functional, and manufactured with maximum attention to detail. The project was conducted in collaboration with Paolo Brambilla. Soon for sale – stay tuned.

Some of Switzerland’s most exciting theatre

The new trickster-p website is online

Trickster-p, the Ticino-based artists Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl, won the Swiss Theater Award 2017. We were honored to design and develop their new website together with Leonardo Angelucci. Online now!